On this page, we will show you how to trim your Zoom Recordings from your Zoom meeting and publish those changes.  For instructions on how to set up a Zoom meeting in CANVAS, please visit https://uucon.org/de/zoom-resources/#Schedule 

  1. After you have recorded your Zoom meeting, you can find the recording in the My Media of the class.

2. Click the Zoom meeting you wish to edit.

3. Under Actions, choose Edit.

4. To Trim your video, choose Launch Editor.

5. In the Video Editor, click on the timeline to place your cursor.

6. Move the cursor to where you think the video starts.  You can use the left and right arrow keys to rewind and fast forward the video and the spacebar to play and pause the video.

7. When you think you have found the beginning of your video, Click the left Set button, highlighted below.

8. When you think you have found the end of your video, Click the right Set button, highlighted below.

9. When you are satisfied with your trim on the video, click Save.

10. You will see a prompt asking if you are OK with the changes.  If you are, click Save.

11. Saving your changes may take awhile, so you can choose Close Editor.

12. Go back to My Media and choose the video you edited.

13. Click on the Publish tab, then choose the Published option.

14. Choose the class you want to publish the video to and choose Save.

15. Now you can find your newly edited video within the Media Gallery of the class.