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Zoom Training

In light of COVID-19, all of us are adapting to life online.  Zoom has become a big part of that change at the College of Nursing.  To help you adapt, here are links to some Zoom trainings:

SYSTECH Zoom Resources and Training Page

Zoom Support Page

How to Test Audio for Zoom

How to Test Video for Zoom

How to Schedule Meetings

How to Share your Screen

How to Set up Breakout Rooms

How to Record Your Meeting

Zoom Best Practices

Here are a few of our best practices for conducting a Zoom meeting:

Zoom Etiquette

Here are a few of our best etiquette tips for conducting a Zoom meeting:

  • Please mute your microphone unless you are speaking.  You can also use Zoom’s Push to Talk feature by muting your microphone, then holding down the SPACE bar whenever you need to talk.
  • Please be aware of your surroundings.  If there are a lot of loud noises occurring where you are, please mute your microphone.  Also, if there is something you do not wish others to see, please mute your video.
  • Please DO NOT attend a Zoom meeting from your car or while traveling in any vehicle if possible.
  • Make sure you know who you are allowing into your Zoom meetings as well as making host or co-host.  Also, if you using Waiting Rooms, please let CON Systems and Technology know if you see any users you are unfamiliar with, waiting to get in.  DO NOT allow these unknown users into your Zoom meeting without checking with us first.

Zoom Testing

As we are using Zoom more and more, it is very important to test your microphone and speakers whenever possible.  The College of Nursing provides a weekly Zoom test room that is open every Wednesday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm to test your equipment before entering your Zoom meeting.

Click here to test your Zoom in our Zoom Help Room

Zoom on CANVAS

For setting up meetings on CANVAS, click here

Zoom Event Setup

Here is an example of the Zoom settings on CANVAS:

Here is what we recommend for your settings for a Zoom meeting:

  • Recurring meeting – Do not forget to check this if your meeting meets every week.
  • Registration – We recommend requiring registration for added security.
  • Video – We recommend allowing the host and participants to show video.  You can always mute your video later if needed.
  • Audio – Choose Both so if some students are having issues connecting, they can connect by phone.
  • Require meeting password – We highly recommend this for added security.
  • Enable join before host – It is your choice to select this, but if you choose it, we also recommend Enable Waiting Room as well so you can see who wants to enter your meeting and you may choose to allow them or not.
  • Mute participants upon entry – This is recommended so that your meeting participants do not enter the room noisily while the meeting is in session.
  • Only authenticated users can join – As with registration, we recommend requiring this for added security.
  • Record the meeting automatically – This is your choice.  If you choose to record, you can always turn it off later if you are the host or co-host.

Zoom Accounts

There has been a lot of questions surrounding which Zoom account to use.  Here are some answers to your questions:

  • If you are faculty or staff, you should have two different licensed Zoom accounts: one using your  and one using your  Please ONLY use one of these accounts for College of Nursing business.
  • For the account, go to to log in.  If you have not used this website already, your account with be converted into an Utah account, which will give you more access on your Zoom account.
  • For each of these accounts, please be aware that the account you use to host meetings is the one you will need to be logged into at the time of the meeting to host.  For example, if you use your account to set up meetings, then you must be logged into this account to join the meeting as the host.  Zoom will let you know this when you try to join a meeting if you are on a different account.
  • If you forget your password to either of these accounts, please contact any of us in CON Systems and Technology.
  • DO NOT use Facebook or Google when logging in.  If you do, Zoom will create for you a free account.  The free account is very limited, including allowing you to stay in a meeting for 40 minutes.

Schedule a zoom meeting link that can be used all semester

For each numbered item, please refer to the pictures below.

  1. In Canvas Go to the Zoom tab.
  2. Click Schedule A New Meeting
  3. Click the Recurring Meeting checkbox
  4. Set the Recurrence to “NoFixed time”
  5. Set or customize a password
  6. If desired, set the meetings to automatically recorded. Make sure you check the cloud recording option.
  7. Ensure that “Enable join before host” and “Mute Participants upon Entry” is NOT CHECKED. (this causes issues with the physical room connections)
  8. Save the meeting

For trimming your Zoom Class Recordings, please visit