Listed in this document are resources that will help you to have an easier time encrypting your personal computer in accordance with University Policy. 

Warning: The University of Utah and the Systems and Technology office take no responsibility for damages, data loss or performance issues from enabling encryption. If you choose to enable encryption yourself, back up your laptop files before proceeding. If you do not feel comfortable following these steps consider taking your laptop to a third party Tech support for help.

1. Microsoft Windows Pro or Education 

To encrypt your laptop with BitLocker, you must have either Microsoft Pro or Education editions. Below are steps on how to check which version you currently have. 

Right Click the Windows Button on the Taskbar -> Select System ->  

On Windows 11, your version will be listed under the Windows Specifications tab. 

On Windows 10, your version will be listed under the Windows Edition tab. 

If you see either Pro or Education, you may proceed with these instructions. Otherwise, the University offers free Windows 10 & 11 Education versions to all students. Please click here for steps on how to install Windows Education edition on your laptop. 

2. TPM (Older Computers Only)

If you have an older laptop, there is a chance that you may not have TPM on your computer, something that is necessary to enable BitLocker on your device. Please follow this link for further information on how to both check if you have TPM, and steps for what to do if you don’t have TPM. 

3. Enable BitLocker 

Unfortunately, SYSTECH cannot help with student encryption. Microsoft Support has further instructions in detail on how to enable BitLocker for both Windows 10 and 11. Please follow this link to find the instructions.  

4. Encryption Survey 

After activating BitLocker on your personal device, it is necessary to fill out a form to ensure that your encryption is well documented. SYSTECH is ready and available to help you fill out this form. Please follow this link to the encryption form and join the Zoom Room if you have any questions about anything on the form. This is the last step you must take to get your personal device properly encrypted and verified for use in the College of Nursing.