The Simple Studio has a lot to offer and one of its key features is the Light Board.

Now, before we get started, let’s answer the question, what is a Light Board? A Light Board is a glass board that can be used to teach on. But why not use a whiteboard or chalkboard? Because with a Light Board, you can face your audience as you teach them! Now, this is where the Light part of the Light Board comes into play. When using a Light Board, all lights in the room are turned off except for lights that are surrounding the glass, and with the combination of neon colored markers, what you write on the board is accented while you face your audience, giving a very unique and dynamic style to your video!

Excited? Great! Let’s learn how to record a Light Board video!

First, sign up for a time to use the Simple Studio. At the requested time, use your uID badge to enter the studio. Locate the Crestron panel on the left wall of the studio. Before walking to it, go ahead and turn on and attach the lapel microphone as shown. Also, please line up the Light Board with the colored tape on the floor. If you require assistance moving the Light Board, please ask someone from IT for help. We are on the 3rd floor. After positioning the Light Board in the correct area, walk over to the Crestron panel.

Use your uID badge to turn on the studio. Choose Yes for the Light Board question. The Crestron will ask you to plug it in. Plug in the Light Board into the designated colored outlet. After plugging in the Light Board, click OK. The lights in the room with automatically change to accommodate the Light Board video. Adjust the height of your video to center yourself in the camera frame, and click OK. The studio will prepare itself and let you know when it is ready to record.

Click the Record button when ready. You will have 5 seconds to position yourself in the center of the video. Now, you are recording your Light Board video. Note that the monitor above the camera will be turned off during the recording. This is to reduce the glare on your video. When finished recording, click Stop. The Crestron will send an email to your work email that includes the link to your video, which saves directly to your Canvas account. You can also scan the QR code on the Crestron to access the video from your smartphone.

Now, before you leave, please unplug the Light Board, and push the Light Board back to its original position. Once again, if you require assistance moving the Light Board, please ask someone from IT for help. We are on the 3rd floor.

Turn off the lapel microphone and put it back in the charging dock before you leave. Congratulations! You have recorded your video! Your video will be saved to your Canvas, which you can view by clicking on the Canvas link in the email you received.

We hoped this helped you record your video. If you have any questions, comments, or want to schedule a time to film, please contact the IT Department on the 3rd floor.